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Color Morphics by TireFlys
Color Morphics

Color Morphics is the worlds most advanced digital car lighting system on the market. The lighting utlizes LEDs delivering 16.7 million colors controllable by the wireless remote control. The remote control interfaces with the central processing unit also known as the CPU or brain, this is the computer that tells the lights what they should be doing from color settings to animations.

Color Morphic's remote control allows the user to easily access preset settings and customize the lights to do unique settings. Each setting can be saved so the user can access his or her favorite setting or color with a press of a button.

The Color Morphics auto lighting system is setup for future expansion. TireFlys, the creator of Color Morphics have looked into the future allowing for future devices and plugins such as displays to show what the lighting is doing from a display monitor such as a LCD screen. The consumer can add up to 20 sticks controlled by one CPU. Once one CPU has reached its maximum number of sticks another CPU can be added. All CPUs can be controlled by one remote control.

The Color Morphics lights are refered to as Morphsticks. Each stick is 10 inches long and are interconnectable to more sticks allowing you to chain them together. The housing of the Morphsticks are durable, made from Polycarbonate casing allowing for long lasting and super-protective almorphere for the LED lights.

Two starter kits are available, each kit comes with a remote control, reciever, CPU, jumper cables, manuals and morph sticks. Additional sticks can be purchased seperatly. The two choices of kits currently are the six stick kit and the two stick kit.

Color Morphics by TireFlys
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Color Morphics is a digital car lighting system to enhance your automobiles appearance. More information about Color Morphics?
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Color Morphics is not NEON lighting, it is indeed digital car lighting using LED lights producing over 16.7 million colors.
The vehicle featured above is a Mazda RX-8 (2004 Titanium) photographed by ASTCELL.