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Color Morphics by TireFlys
Undercarriage Lighting

Color Morphics is a digital car lighting solution utilizing LEDs to bring vibrant colors to your vehicle. Color Morphics can be used both interior and exterior of your car. In most cases Color Morphics will be used as undercarriage lighting creating excellent ground effects for your vehicle. Undercarriage, is the under-most-part of the vehicle, the lighting is mounted beneath the vehicle often referred to as "Undercarriage Lights" or "Undercarriage Lighting".

Color Morphics delivers more than 16.7 million vibrant colors for any vehicle both interior and exterior undercarriage of the car. The colors are fully programmable from the remote control to change the colors of the LEDs to do stylish colors, animations and morph effects. Color Morphics is the most advanced Undercarriage lighting solution on the market with expandability and capability to add up to twenty morphsticks per color morphics cpu.

For more undercarriage lighting solutions, ideas and discussion visit the Color morphics forum. Within the online community you can learn from other peoples experiences, issues, problems and great ideas as they setup Color Morphics for their neon undercarriage lighting solution.

Color Morphics by TireFlys
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Color Morphics is a digital car lighting system to enhance your automobiles appearance. More information about Color Morphics?
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Color Morphics is not NEON lighting, it is indeed digital car lighting using LED lights producing over 16.7 million colors.
The vehicle featured above is a Mazda RX-8 (2004 Titanium) photographed by ASTCELL.